Nicki Minaj Booty

Nicki Minaj BootyWhen rapper Nicki Minaj burst onto the scene last year her talent as an artist had a number of people talking, but it seems that another asset of Nicki’s also became a much talked about topic of conversation. In a recent interview with the New York Post Nicki Minaj speaks on the butt pad/butt implants rumors. “Absolutely not,” said Nicki Minaj when asked about using butt pads or getting implants. “People will pick anything to talk about, and that happens to be the thing at the moment. I love being a conversation piece.”

Recently, however, a piece of the Nicki Minaj’s total package has been under close scrutiny.

Nicki Minaj Before Plastic Surgery
Nicki Minaj Before Plastic Surgery

Apparently there are some people who feel that her voluptuous backside is a bit too voluptuous. Too voluptuous to be real that is.

The debate has been raging on all over the internet. Is the booty real? Did she get implants? Is it a butt pad?

I personally am not sure. I really don’t care if her booty is real or not. It looks good on TV and in videos and that’s all that really matters.

In today’s age of surgeries and augmentations what really does ‘real’ mean anyway?

Rumors have been circulation around the internet about Young Money artist Nicki Minaj and her booty being manufactured with butt pads. Details anyone?

Nicki Minaj Booty
Nicki Minaj Booty, After Plastic Surgery

Nicki Minaj is the new target for criticism and she loves it! The latest talk of the town is about Nicki’s butt. Is it real or is she sporting butt pads? Nicki says it’s all 100% booty, much like Ice-T’s wife CoCo, who had proof her booty was 100% Real, as reported on

“Absolutely not,” Nicki says in reference to wearing butt pads to enhance her figure.

The openly bi-sexual rapper spoke with the New York Post to clear things up a bit by stating that the media will use any subject to talk about.

Do you believe Nicki Minaj wears butt pads?

Nicki Minaj Butt
Nicki Minaj Denies Using Butt Pads or Implants

Nicki Minaj has been one of the most talked about female rappers as of lately with her eccentric personality and the different style of rapping she’s brought to the table despite sounding quite similar to Lil Wayne and Lil Kim as some would say. Whether the talk is good or bad, it seems as if everyone knows who she is by now.

The very first rumors to surface would definitely be the rumors about the affair between Nicki and Lil Wayne. That is the reason why she gained the majority of her haters at first. People thought that she had slept with Lil Wayne in order to get signed to Young Money. While it very well may be true that they have had relations with each other, Lil Wayne actually approached Nicki Minaj to sign her but he told her to first get her buzz up. In Lil Wayne song he mentions that everyone thinks that Nicki Minaj is Lil Wayne’s b*tch because she calls herself Nicki Lewenski, hinting that they have never had relations together. Nicki has also said in a few interviews that they are just really good friends and nothing more, however you want to perceive that statement.

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  1. ya is sum ass holes 2 judge a person bout there parts on there body..if she wasnt happy of how she looked than thats her opinion 2 change it…Well i styll luv her even if her ass is fake the only thinq that matters is her music..

  2. Hard to say in this day and age but what i do know is girls body especially their hips and ass tend to change over time. When i meet my ex, she didnt have much. Tits were 34c now they 36d. Women’s body shape can and will change with diet and exercise.

  3. Not at all a hater of who she is, her celebrity status, or who she works with or collaborates with. The true source to the matter is that her breast is real and that her ass isn’t. Looking at pictures in magazines, websites, and other sources. Her ass was done sometime in late spring of 2009. She didn’t do any photos of her in panties, or anything to revealing on the bottom half because of the recovery time of not wanting to reveal any stitch marks under that booty. So look at other pictures of and compare to what you see now.

  4. she’s ALL real. you can tell from her legs before, they got thicker. and she got chunkier, so her tits and ass grew as well. and plus, she wears a push-up bra. she’s definitely real. the pictures being compared are when she was 18, so she obviously grew into a woman..

  5. Well who cares if its real or fake no one can say for sure the only people who really know the truth are: Nicki nd if the butt is fake then the doctor who operated but all that matters is her happiness she only needs to please her fans and undercover fans with her music weather her ASSets are natural or not is her business and hers alone

  6. EVERYONE WHO DOESN’T LIKE NICKI MINAJ IS WHACK. I don’t care about opinions or likes and dislikes. Lil kim was gutta in her hay day so was trina; however, Nicki Minaj is new and fresh. Young Money is taking over and Nicki Minaj is the bad bitch helping ’em do it. NICKI MINAJ I LOVE YOU !! stay beast cause that’s what you are. Even without the surgery, plus yal act like at surgery changed her rapping skills ?? she did rap before she got it. duuuuuh ! get over yourself you all aren’t out here making hits for us to hear and thats means keep ya fucking mouth shut.

  7. i love nikki minaj soo much and its obvious shes done something to her but …she takes butt enhancer pills …… but who cares shes still hot

  8. ya’s all be jealous cause you cant big boobs or a nice sexy ass like hers thats why ya’s talk shit about her

  9. it just these hoes mad because that dont look ass good ass her no homo and they just want to start romurs because she came out going hard now all these artist mad because she came out stepping in they places and now all u hear is nicki all iwant to say is keep doing wat you doing im on yo side all the way and keep going hard dont easy up on nobody keep doing you to the fullest im out here lowend krazy 39 were its at raping so icey trap girlz we up 100

  10. i mean leavee her alone ! Shes very talented and alot of ppl like her . Yeahh i disagree about her surgery but who wud care thts her doing tht not yuhh . Ndd the haters hating on her wish they cud be . look . and whole lot more like her .

  11. niki been hot..yall late..and who cares if the butt is fake..she is still hot..just searching for a niki costume…had to go buy a but then stuff the but pad wit mo padding..cause i gotta get as close as possible…LOVE YOU NIKI!!!!

  12. Besides the fact that she’s fake, she has no real talent. She’s just lil Kim knock off. She won’t be around long. I judge an artist by the content of their lyrics and she’s definitely no Lauryn Hill or even lil’ Kim. A female artist should not be judge by her physical attributes but by her talent as an artist. Niki Minaj is nothing more than a stripper trying to branch out of her genre, nuff said!!!

  13. Best female rapper? That’s not saying much… I’m not a hater. I’m just allergic to fake, no talent rappers and the fans that support them. Sorry, just being honest and more importantly, Real.

  14. ok nikki mayb fake i am wit yu on that one but yu cant jus say she suck cuz she go hard she go suppa hella hard so her business is her business cuz it aint lik any of yall will get to feel on ha booty or breast so stop worrying about ha and get hooked to what she be rapping bout because most off yall needed it and she talking about some of yall i aint gone put yo name on hur bt yu knw who yu is

  15. Reading all the comments about Nicki Minaj, I had to respond! This is my opinion dont care what you all think. I believe she has taken something to make her butt bigger and her breast there are pills that enhance your breast and butt. SO WHAT! A lot of women wish they can have bigger assets. They dont have the funding for it. Take myself I dont need injections or a pill to have the body that I have. I have two sets of twins. No stretch marks small waist, nice thicks legs and nice big butt. Very athletic! Im gorgous! ok enough about me lets get back to Nicki. I respect her as a woman trying to get into the industry. Great job chick no matter how you made it, you made it.Now for the person that said she was the best female rapper , that is not true and you know it. I dont like her music at all. I dont understand it! Real talk! She’s no lil kim foxy brown or EVE, thats the truth! MY OPINION!!!!



  18. I first heard Nicki Minaj on a couple of Gucci Mane mixtapes I have a couple of years back BEFORE she was big or signed to Young Money…. her style is consistant, and her lyrics are relevant with perfect meaning.
    Hm, Sometimes people dont like what they cant understand…..
    ((“And I don’t sympathize, cause you a simple b*tch”))

    Surgery? You’ll never really know… and if you did, I still dont think you’d be satisfied.

    Nicki is too much for ya’ll, ya cant keep up! LMAO!

  19. I agree with Jazzy…Nicki is fake…fake hair, fake skin(face), fake body, fake lyrics. She’s not a true hip hop artist. She uses her cake face and fake booty 2 sell herself. She’s a perfect example of how F*cked up and distasteful the music industry has become over the years. Besides, I rep lil’ kim…BK/NYC FOREVER, BABY!!!!!!

  20. Why do people insist on sounding / looking like they never had an education? I know completely off topic but maybe if some of you knew how to articulate and make a full correct sentence you would all realize that nicki is nothing more than a hoodrat that raps about absolute nonsense. Its time we change hip hop let’s get rid of the no class, no talent assholes and let’s bring back the people that made real music!!! Of all the people to mimic you choose lil Wayne? Can we get someone to rap about something real someone like PAC??!!!??

  21. Um…I don’t get all you people who HATE nicki. I mean she might be fake & her lyrics might don’t make sense to y’all but that’s the point of her attitude. She’s trying to get her albums sellin by bein crazy & agressive. She made it to the place where most of y’all want to be so stop disrespecting ha. If you guys were infront ha yo’ mouths would be shut. Young Money didn’t mean anything to me until nicki came. Now i love the young money group now. Oh Mr. Chocolate you stupid caz lil kim is fake too so shut the hell up!!!!! NICKI MINAJ BEST FEMALE RAPPER!!!!

  22. she alrite i fuck with her songz cuz dere go hard well she may have fake in her das her choice shes da one spendin de money so really yea shouldnt care fuck with her or die

  23. why is everybody worried about Nikki….I mean she got her own…she aint worried about yall…so get off ha jock. i mean…she need u to survive….well she kinda does because we all need our hatas…but i shuldnt respond to nonsense like dis because…she dnt know my name, let alone know y am i defending her?????no offense…i LUV nikki minaj..SHE IS MAH NUMBA TWO ROLE MODEL……….AFTER TARAJI P. HENSON……but she can defend herself…nobody needs to comment because if she doesn’t care about dez fake stoopid people…y should u…she dah one makin dah money…so LET IT GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…..BYE HATERS….MUCH RESPECT FOR NIKKI

  24. I must agree that I love her but at the same time you have 2 think about the influence shes setting 4 lol girls and even tennagers I knw thy wen my niece came 2 me nd said she wanted 2 b lik nicki minaji i was outraged and almost slapped her who can truly b happy wit a diff face nd body is her mom happy wud mom b happy..everyone knows she had sex with lil Wayne or gucci she’s no special then any other girl put there rapping Nd theirs no way she jus made an impact on lil Wayne or gucci it is what is by she shouldn’t of came out lik she da baddest cuz he knw being plastic ain’t what makes u da baddest being urself does and we all knw her but implanted so ain’t no shock there.. It is what it is all I ask is 4 ha 2 clean haself up and start off fresh and Kia tell da truth barbie means plastic lik plastic surgery everyone knw dat…I thnk she a sad person 4 trine b happy lookin and actin the way she do…

  25. Jazzy says:
    November 2, 2010 at 1:35 am
    Besides the fact that she’s fake, she has no real talent. She’s just lil Kim knock off. She won’t be around long. I judge an artist by the content of their lyrics and she’s definitely no Lauryn Hill or even lil’ Kim. A female artist should not be judge by her physical attributes but by her talent as an artist. Niki Minaj is nothing more than a stripper trying to branch out of her genre, nuff said!!!

    *< Who ever the fuck wrote this is stupid as hell. I liked Lil Kim back in day. But Nicki is her own style. NOTHING like Kim, Kim mostly raps about fuckin n suckin n shit. Nicki's lyrics are fuckin killin em all, serious. Maybe you should sit the fuck down and really listen to em. Nicki, Just wanted to say you are the FIRST Female rapper to truely inspire me, and all my girlfriends. We all love you, if you were around before the Lil Kim, Trina (Even though i like Trina but still) shit i wouldn't have been listening to ONLY shit about how to suck a dick! Your lyrics have WAY more said, not to mention you're an amazing singer, amazing artist and way unique!! Keep killin em, you'll be the first female artist to start an empire i can see it now <3 all love – Kayla.

  26. I LOVE NICKI…im bisexual myself…who the fuck cares if her ass&&tits are fake…if they are she did it to make her me she the baddest bitch alive.

  27. Some people just don’t know what that r talking about bc they just mad. Because NICKI MINJA didn’t pick them in her video. But let me tell u something don’t hate the player hate the game bc NICKI probaly don’t like u if someone don’t like NICKI haven’t did nothing to NOBODY

  28. me personaly i think she is pretty as fuck, and even if she did get implants they look god and work for her,its not cute to hate on shyt uyou cant have or understand!!keep doing your thing louinski!!!!

  29. love her or hate her… she will still be the beautiful Nicki!… i appreciate your beauty girl

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