Lisa Rinna Lips

Lisa Rinna’s Lip Surgery Didn’t Make Harry Hamlin Smile at First

Lisa Rinna Lips
Lisa Rinna Lips

Lisa Rinna’s mouth has attracted plenty of attention over the years – not all of it flattering. But one person who had no issue with her famously puffy pout? Her husband, Harry Hamlin.

What got me about Lisa was her eyes, not her lips,” says Hamlin, who married Rinna in 1997. “So I spent most of my time looking at those.”

Hamlin says he didn’t notice as, over the years, Rinna’s top lip became swollen and bumpy – the result of scar tissue that formed around silicone injected into the lip when she was 25.

Lisa Rinna before and after surgery
Lisa Rinna before and after surgery

Whatever change took place was so gradual, it never registered for me,” says Hamlin, adding that when kissing his wife, her mouth always “felt soft and supple.”

As a result, Hamlin, 58, was initially resistant when Rinna, 47, told him she was considering lip-reduction surgery.

‘Fresh and Young’

Lisa Rinna Lips
Lisa Rinna, before (left) and after surgery

Going under the knife is “never a good thing, in my opinion,” says Hamlin. “I understand it from a woman’s point of view. But plastic surgery is just an extension of that whole ‘let’s stay fresh and young’ vibe. Me, I’m just gonna get old and haggard. But I love Lisa Rinna no matter what – whether she has plastic surgery or not, or she’s gray or saggy. It’s the long haul here.

Adds Rinna: “I knew Harry would say, ‘Don’t touch it, don’t mess with it.’ He was like, ‘Maybe you should just leave it alone.’ He loves me the way I am.”

But once Hamlin saw how much it meant to his wife, whose mouth had become a regular subject of whispers and taunts, he jumped on board.

Yet to Test

Lisa Rinna Lips
There should be a separate wing in the Celebrity Plastic Surgery Hall of Fame for Lisa Rinna. Just look at those lips!

During the Aug. 26 procedure, Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Garth Fisher removed some of the tissue containing silicone that had seeped throughout Rinna’s lip, and re-contoured the rest, decreasing the lip’s volume by at least 30 percent.

While it will take up to six months for the swelling to go away, Rinna is thrilled. “I feel fantastic,” she says. “It looks good – it’s a huge difference.

But the couple, whose TV Land reality show Harry Loves Lisa premiered this month, still haven’t had a chance to road test the results.

Lisa Rinna’s lips
difference in Lisa Rinna’s lips

My lip is healing, so we’ve had to be pretty ginger about it,” says Lisa Rinna. “No crazy makeout sessions – yet!”

I was looking at the 14 year difference in Lisa Rinna’s lips. Lisa recently posed for Playboy and talked about having to remember to eat. I think she needs someone to remind her to not Botox her lips anymore! If you look at these pics, it looks like her lips have been getting stretched further and further. They remind me of a uni-brow, only they’re uni-lips!

4 thoughts on “Lisa Rinna Lips”

  1. I have always been Lisa’s fan since her days on DOOL. Lisa you are very beautiful but I think this is a much better softer look for you. I love you no matter how you look because your personality rocks!

  2. To Ms. Lisa Rinna: You have been and will always be a gorgeous, drop dead hot body gal (my age)! I am not a star, could neva’ compare! However, even tho you feel you have “corrected” your lips, IT HAS NOT happened! After your procedure, you still have that “trout” lip, very unbecoming of your beauty. I wish all of you beautiful movie/tv folk would leave well enough alone! Go back, get back to the real “Lisa”. Take a look at your BEFORE face (any garbage changing stuff)..your lip is scooped up and looks just as “unnatural” as your impregnanted lips for years. I hope and pray you will be real! You and hubby have love (as hubby & I after 21 years) and beauty naturally..your lip(s) are still goofyass looking!

  3. I am with Harry it was always her eyes I remembered when I saw her on screen. She has great eyes.

  4. Too bad about the lips & the nips, otherwise she’d look really good! diggin’ her hair, makeup, jewelry…heck, even her tan! left eyebrow’s been colored in a bit too much, though…okay, i gotta stop looking at her now!

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